Dick Morrill

Dick Morrill

The Blind Artists Society is a free, web based community of artists with varying degrees of visual impairment. The BAS mission is to sustains the needs of artists suffering from visual loss. This is an inclusive, encompassing society. All artists are welcomed, professional or amateur, with any degree of visual loss, permanent or transient. Supporting artists without any visual disability are encouraged to join as well.

This is a free web portal which provides means for the artists to:
- Display their art online: a permanent, worldwide virtual showroom
- Organize  periodic group exhibits as a joint event with  Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany.
- Communicate with each other, express feelings and experiences: a support group
- Sell their art online: independence and pride
The BAS was founded in December, 2007, by ophthalmology professor, Paul Marius Beer, MD, and a professional artist, Jonathan Beer, BFA.It was supported by the Retina Research Foundation, Inc.  a not-for-profit corporation, whose stated mission was to conquer blindness. The Retina Research Foundation closed its doors in 2011 and its assets were transferred to the Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany.

The BAS does not charge any fees or commissions.  Artists may post on our web site as much personal or contact information as they wish. BAS or NABA are not be involved in any financial transaction between the artists and prospective art purchasers. The artists’ privacy is respected; we will limit our role to relaying purchase requests to the artists but we do not disclose private artist information.
Please send your comments or suggestions via email or post it on our message board.

Purchasing Artwork:
If you are interested in purchasing artwork by any of the member artists, please contact the artists directly when possible. If no contacted information is posted by the individual artist, contact Jonathan Beer, the BAS director & webmaster at:  Jon@JonathanBeer.com
For all institution purchases, please contact the BAS director.

Prices and availability upon request.